Sponsor Our PPE

Hatzolah Melbourne Responder in full PPE going to a call

With the multiplying effect of both Covid-19 being well entrenched in Hatzolah’s geographical footprint and the new highly infections Omicron variant, Hatzolah Responders wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to all cases. Since the outbreak took hold in the Jewish community, Hatzolah has managed a 36% increase in call volumes.

The PPE worn by our Responders Includes on average 3 sets of gloves, gowns, P2/N95 masks and goggles, as well as sanitisers, Glen 20 spray, clinical waste bags, Covid rapid antigen tests, disinfectant wipes and associated medical waste disposal costs.

In addition to vaccination, the layers of protection offer the best insurance to keeping patients and Responders safe and on the road.

But all this comes at a huge cost; and we need your help to keep our responders safely on the road.

Please help us sponsor our PPE by:

  • Sponsoring PPE for 1 Responder: $17
  • Sponsoring PPE for 1 Emergency Call: $63
  • Sponsoring PPE for 1 Day: $375
  • Sponsoring surveillance testing for 1 week: $500
  • Sponsoring PPE for 1 week: $2759
  • Sponsoring PPE for 1 month: $11956
  • Sponsoring surveillance testing for 1 year: $26000